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Midge! Yes, Midge! (Praise her name, sing of her glory....)


October 1
Madame Midge has posted the horoscopes for October! See what the future holds in store for you this month in the Madame Midge page!

September 25
NEW COMICS! Midge tries to get some service, Melissa gets flowers from her boyfriend and Midge gets a love letter! Read it in the COMICS page!

More new comics premiere October 30!

September 1

Madame Midge has posted the horoscopes for September! See what the future holds in store for you this month in the Madame Midge page!

AND - Midge 2017 Comics Calendars are here! 12 full color comics to brighten your new year! Get yours today! 

Click the pic to purchase!

ALSO - NEW Midge comics premiere September 25! 

August 1
Madame Midge has posted the horoscopes for August! See what the future holds in store for you this month in the Madame Midge page!

July 3

NEW COMICS! Midge discovers fireworks, rampages the living room, eats ice cream, gets some ice, and battles mosquitoes! Read it in the COMICS page!

And HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! More pets get lost during the Fourth than any other time of year, so be sure to keep your pets safely indoors during those fireworks!

July 1
Madame Midge has posted the horoscopes for July! See what the future holds instore for you this month in the Madame Midge page!

April 24
NEW COMICS! Jihn fights hierarchy, Melissa vanishes, Midge tries to assist Melissa in the bathroom, and Midge video chats Mel! Read it in the COMICS page!

AND - Thank you to everyone who came toMidge's 20th Bday Bash to celebrate with Midge! It was a splendid affair and raised nearly $300 for Waseca Country Humane Society! Want to contribute? Donate HERE

April 17
Midge's 20th Bday Bash! Join us April 23 on Twitter with hashtag #Midge20 and help Midge turn 20 in style! The party will be benefiting the animals of Waseca County Animal Humane Society and you can donate pre-party through the blog! 

Get party info by clicking the bash pic! See what the party is all about and browse our menu for the party!

Midge jewelry is now available in the SunnyArts Zazzy store! Nylon, sterling silver, gold - all 3D printed and shipped straight to you! 

(Rose gold-plated brass pictured above.) You can shop Midge jewelry HERE!

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Midge Runs Amok!!!

Zackary Rabbit "Wish I had a carrot car" Portrait
by Midge cartoonist Sunny 

This portrait and many other samples of Sunny's artwork are available for viewing in her deviantArt page HERE.

NOse Offense Eco-Friendly Odor Eliminator!

As a pet owner and allergy sufferer, Midge cartoonist Sunny loves NOse Offense!
"It's odorless and it really WORKS!"

The Fragrance-Free, safe way, to make all PET smells disappear!

AND - Thanks goes out to Lou, the first dog to ever sign the Official Midge Guestbook! THANK YOU LOU! Rescue mutts DEFINITELY rule!
You can check out Lou (and Pebbles!) at

PLEASE ADOPT! Check out animals available for adoption in the Adoptable Paws page!

low is the first Midge comic strip to ever appear publicly -
    Midge fan Hilary Magee had this to say -
    Hi sunny i just want to say i love your website, I
    have a dog named midge who is crazy just 
    like   ur midge

    Thanks, Hilary! 
    (If Midge met Midge, I wonder what would happen?)

    And thanks to Rick - the first fan to sign the Official
    Midge guestbook!

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Midge is an avid supporter of animal rescue.
Please, before you buy a purebred dog - consider adopting a shelter animal. Literally millions of animals are waiting in shelters nationwide for loving homes.
Make a difference in the life of a shelter animal. PLEASE ADOPT!

And to help ensure that fewer animals end up in shelters, you can help control the animal population - MIDGE IS AN AVID SUPPORTER OF SPAYING AND NEUTERING PETS!

Remember - having a dog is a great committment, requiring time and patience.
Please do not adopt a dog if you are not ready to take proper care of it or devote the proper amount of time and attention to it.

When adopting, remember, not only dogs and cats end up in shelters - please do not forget the many rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, and other small animals that are also waiting in shelters for loving homes.

Please note that all images featured on this website are property of Sunny (Elie Sunshine) and are not to be used without my permission. I work hard to create these cartoons, so please be respectful of my art.

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