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About Midge


    Midge is a comic strip that
 focuses on the comedic life and
 misadventures of Midge, a
livewire pound-puppy turned
housedog. This spirited little
brown dog has a big heart and a
bigger penchant for causing
trouble for her mild-mannered
owner Melissa Peroga. Be it intentionally or by accident,
    Midge always succeeds in
turning Melissa's life....and her
house...and her furniture...upside-down. Midge is truly the unbridled joy of pet ownership as it really is.

Midge was created in 1996 as a comic dedicated to telling life from the   perspective of a mischievous pound-puppy mutt. The original comic strip drawings were rather rough. But as my artistic skills developed and evolved, so did Midge. And in late January 2008, the OfficialMidge website opened and so did Midge’s official online shop MidgeShop. In 2009 Midge joined the Twitter community and won a permanent place on the TweeterWall of Fame Top 20 by winning 9th place in the Funniest Twittercon contest. In summer 2009, Midge opened a fundraising page in the name of Bridget – the little dog that inspired Midge’s creation – dedicated to raising money for canine cancer research. On November 22, 2009, Midge premiered her 100th comic! Midge is currently being published biweekly in the online newspaper The Anipal Times and biyearly in the online magazine Fauxgue. Midge's first book - Midge! Bustin' Out: A Comics Collection - was released in September 2011 as both paperback and ebook. Midge's second book - Midge Runs Amok - was released in 2013 as paperback. Midge also now has her own line of 3D printed jewelry on Zazzy! What's next for the sock-chewing heroine, Midge? Only time will tell!


To donate to Midge’s canine cancer fundraising page click here

Midge's star on the Anipal 
 Walk of Fame!! 

About Sunny

Sunny is a solo artist and the creator of Midge comics. Aside from being Midge’s cartoonist, Sunny is also the illustrator for several projects, including the webcomic Zombie Huggz. Sunny also practices as a Taekwondo black belt whose aspiration is to be an instructor and Taekwondo master (fourth-degree black belt). Sunny is also an animal adoption/rescue advocate trying to spread the message about the plight of homeless animals.

For more fun check out Sunny's videos:

'Milton Against Clowns'


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If you are involved with a syndicate, newspaper, or magazine that is interested in including Midge in its publication, feel free to contact me through my email:


Midge is Dedicated -

In loving memory of Bridget, the original inspiration for Midge,
and to all the dogs that, since her passing, have taken over
her role of inspiring Midge.

To my Mom, who has been always my teacher, my 
best friend, and the strongest woman I have ever
known...and to her sweet smile and amazing ability to
always give me comfort and confidence. You are the Natalie to my Monk....

To my Da, who always encourages me and makes me laugh with the sickest (and best) jokes of anyone I know. You are the Stottlemeyer to my Monk....

And to all my awesome friends who always build me up and encourage me.  

I love you all with all my heart. Thank you. :-)

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    Midge tested,
    Midge approved!

Midge is an avid supporter of animal rescue.
Please, before you buy a purebred dog - consider adopting a shelter animal. Literally millions of animals are waiting in shelters nationwide for loving homes.
Make a difference in the life of a shelter animal. PLEASE ADOPT!

And to help ensure that fewer animals end up in shelters, you can help control the animal population - MIDGE IS AN AVID SUPPORTER OF SPAYING AND NEUTERING!

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