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Midge is a madcap little rescue mutt who loves having fun and driving her human crazy - unfortunately for Melissa, those tend to be the same thing.


 Melissa is Midge’s mild-mannered, caring owner     
 who rescued Midge from the dog pound. Often exasperated and out of her wits from Midge's antics, Melissa still loves  Midge just the way she is.


Jihn the guinea pig was Melissa’s only pet before Midge came along. Despite not taking too well to having another pet in the house, though, Jihn has become Midge's mentor about all things human - and her friend.


                     FLOYD MORSMAN

  Floyd is Melissa's friend and neighbor who occasionally petsits Midge.  A dull fellow with two noisome children, he certainly isn't Midge's  favorite petsitter, but he is the apple of Melissa's eye....



Billy is Floyd’s son who loves pranks and getting into trouble - especially when either of those things involve Midge.



  Hannah is Floyd’s sweet, adorable daughter. And, to         Hannah, there's nothing better than playing with Midge   - be it dressing her up against her will or eating               crayons together - it's all fun to Hannah.


Maizy, Midge’s weird full-time petsitter, has earned Midge’s complete adoration and spends most of her energy pulling totally Midge-approved pranks. 







  Mel, Maizy’s cat and constant companion, is one cool       feline. No one or thing gets the better of Mel in any 
  situation. Except occasionally Midge - and gravity.



Coco, the French socialite next-door, is stuck up and shallow, intrudes on Melissa and Midge's life to stir up trouble. Coco is no friend of Melissa's. And Midge's idea of bonding with Coco is peeing on her designer shoes.


  Elle Maria, Coco’s spoiled award-winning purebred        poodle, is prejudiced against mutts like Midge. 
  But Midge doesn’t care, since she's always ready with 
  a good insult to throw in Elle Maria’s direction. 
  Besides, as Midge sees it, what fun would life be 
  without a worthy adversary?

              GARY BECKERT

Gary is Melissa's nextdoor neighbor in the house behind hers. He's mean, grouchy and hates dogs - especially Midge. Whether he's calling the cops about Midge's imaginary barking or just scowling at her from over the fence, he certainly isn't Midge's favorite person.

                      ETHEL BECKERT

  Ether, Gary's wife, is as kind as Gary is cranky. She's always           willing to help her neighbor, Melissa, and is always at the ready         with treats for Midge. 


Buster is a former stray mutt who was Midge's friend in the dog pound. He got adopted by a little boy and now lives a few houses from Midge and sees her at the dog park. 



  A close friend of Midge from the dog pound, Cookie is     a cute little bichon frise who got adopted and lives in     Midge's neighborhood. She's got quite a social network   going, too....



Brindle is an odd, ugly Chinese-crested that lives in Midge's neighborhood with his coddling human who treats him like a literal baby. Brindle likes to play weird little games and has a crush on Midge.


 Tank is a gross, strange little pug who lives in Midge’s neighborhood and occasionally runs into Midge at the dog park. Although Midge thinks Tank is a bit screwy and is embarrassed to be seen around him, 
Tank thinks he’s the cutest dog in the world. 


Melissa's friend who's made Midge's special list of 'People Who Aren't On To Me Yet', Tish just wants a pet of her own. But, in the meantime, she'll just have to spoil Midge rotten instead.

            BOB BELLER

Tish's husband and another of Melissa's friends who has taken a reluctant liking to Midge. While Midge changed Bob's mind about not wanting a dog in the house, sadly his allergies keep his and Tish's life dog-free.

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