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Midge Fanart

This awesome Midge was drawn by @Stargyver from deviantArt! 
YAY! I look good in marker! :D

This pawsome sketch was drawn by Zackary Rabbit!
Thanks, Zack! This drawing has infinite midgeness and midge-itude!

(To check out Zack's awesome video click here)

Midge says, "I look totally cute in 3D!.....of course, I ALWAYS look cute...."
Thanks, Zack! This pic is Midge-tastic!

This pawsome comic was drawn by Midge fan Doc! Thanks, Doc!
This fanart has definite Midge-itude!
"Melissa was none too happy to find that sick I left in her nightgown pocket...hmmm...
maybe it wasn't warm enough...."

Special thanks to Zack Rabbit for making this pawsome MidgeShop ad!
Check out Zack Rabbit's hilarious blogsite 
(And I want to say - I would still showcase this awesome ad on my homepage if it weren't for my need to switch to Zazzle from Cafepress)

If you have Midge fanart that you would like to have posted on the Official Midge website, just send it to Midge by clicking Contact Midge!

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